Reiki/Music Duets

I wear a few different hats…..           51Pps3FIrtL._AC_UL260_SR200,260_



il_570xN.172568077 Sometimes TOO many, I think!


Professionally I am a holistic physical therapist and Reiki practitioner/teacher. Many of my patients and fellow therapists have known me for quite awhile, and just accept that I have this “other” life as a musician. However, many other people seem startled when they hear that I live in these two different worlds – and have actually lived this way for a very long time now.

But are these worlds so very different??? REIKI and MUSIC. Well, let’s have a look.

Reiki is an ENERGY healing practice.

Music is sound and vibration….which is also….. ENERGY.

During a Reiki session, I bring healing energy to the client, through my hands, to promote their own self-healing. So, in a sense, we SHARE energy for a while.

In music performance, I MAKE the sound with my voice or hands, and people HEAR it. We connect  emotionally with each other, SHARING this ENERGY.

So, put into an equation, it looks something like this:

Music = ENERGY = Reiki

And if I could draw a circle (my computer skills are just NOT that good!) they would connect again. Because music, especially if it is chosen wisely, is ALSO healing. So, the equation now looks like this:


OK. Enough math – or chemistry – or whatever that was!!!

Are you confused yet??? Can’t find where one begins and the other ends?


What is profound to me is that both music and Reiki can heal. That’s one of the common denominators. In fact, I always augment my Reiki treatments with specially chosen music in the background. I even occasionally play my harp as part of a Reiki session. And good musicians/performers use energy to communicate with their audience.

These are some of the reasons why this blog is both about music and Reiki. There is too much overlap to separate them out completely. One flows into and around the other – in my personal, professional, and musical lives. Creating energy, resonance, and beautiful music in magical ways.

And here’s one final hat – Just For Fun!