In the Beginning……


I didn’t set out to fall in love with the harp.

I am a singer. Down to my toes. Always have been; always will be. My discovery and interest in playing harp came slowly. I started the Music for Healing and Transition Program in 2005, with voice as my intended instrument.I was the minority. Other than a few guitars and Native American flutes, it seemed as if 90% of these students were playing lever harps. Several of my friends suggested I take up the harp because “it would fit so beautifully with your voice!” My answer was, essentially, “Not interested.” Yes, I heard them all play, but the harp didn’t seem to call to me.

However, I continued the program (and the continuing education programs after graduation), and I kept bumping elbows with harpists. They would allow me to pluck a few strings, but still there was no serious attraction for me there. Yes, they were beautiful instruments, but I couldn’t picture how one of these harps would fit into my life. But there was a little something there. Hmmm……..

Then, my sister invited me to a concert at a tiny venue in New Hampshire. She said there was this amazing harpist named Deborah Henson-Conant who played non-traditional harp. I did, indeed go to this concert – and was blown away! I had never heard anything like it in my life. Oh, now I could see! You can play ANYTHING with a harp! All kinds of music in unlimited styles! The beauty, and the sound, and the power of this instrument was beyond description.

Oh – oh! Suddenly I was in big trouble, because I began to suspect that I might, kinda sorta, actually WANT to play one of these things. How was I ever going to break this news to my husband??? It didn’t make any sense! I am a physical therapist and Reiki Master by day and a singer/choir director by night. But I continued to think about it and ask questions. I went to my first ever Somerset Folk Harp Festival, took my first free lesson, and got my hands on a lot of different harps. I discovered that I WANTED a harp, with a desperate need that surprised me. A year later, I had my first small 27-string Timothy harp, and began my new adventure.

Image 4-28-14 at 2.54 PM_2

I have never looked back!!